The Pelican 1510 case contained a Mini-Buddipole system. Additionally, a non-standard Buddipole system was packed including eight (8) full-sized aluminum arms, each 22-inches in length, six (6) 9.5 foot whips, two (2) MFJ 12 foot whips, a VersaTee, four “IT” adapters with mounting knobs, all organized into two nylon slip bags and stowed within a standard Buddipole bag. With these parts I could construct 15m and 17m ground plane antennas mounted on a painters pole (to be purchased once on Kauai). One of the Buddipole shock-cord whips would be a reasonable alternative today.

Low band coil and TRSB
A low band coil (right) and TRSB (left) along with a banana plug to BNC, and cable ties organized in a small bag. The low band coil, along with radial wires, allows me to build a reasonable 40m (loaded) vertical. The TRSB provides isolation and impedance transformation for the shortened vertical.

Tools and such
Here is the Autek analyzer. It is packed in a small Tuperware container (Sandy to the rescue again!). The Code Warrior Junior paddles in their custom case is shown in the center. Finally, the black CaseLogic bag holds a VOM, Leatherman tool, screwdriver, cable ties, and tape.