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The Pelican 1510 case is the largest of the Pelican cases that can be brought as “carry on” luggage. I had planned on checking it, but for some trips carry-on might be a nice option. The hard-shelled case is very sturdy and it is packed full for this trip. The total weight of the case and the included items is just under 40 pounds--well below the 50 pound limit for a checked bag during domestic travel. (Though Hawaii is far way from Boston it still counts as domestic travel.) The radio and power supply are wrapped in a soft towel (not shown) at the bottom of the case with other items listed below packed on top.

Astron 15 amp power supply
Power cord for radio
Hand microphone for radio

Mini-Buddipole system
- (4) 11 inch aluminum arms
- (3) 6 foot steel whips
- (2) bags of coil clips
- VersaTee
- Painter pole adapter
- (4) Radial wires on kite winders
- Coils (Red + Black)
- Feedline, 25-foot

Buddipole shock-cord mast in bag
Buddipole guying kit for mast

VX-5R charger (AC Adapter + quick charge station)
* Note: VX-5R in my carry-on bag

NIfty manuals for
- 703
- DX reference
- band plan
ARRL Minilog book

Klein tool bag with
- High Sierra “Jaws Mount”
- Audio splitter
- Auto power to Powerpole adapter
- Ferrite for RF suppression

(2) 50 foot lengths of RG-8X
Dacron rope
Colorful zip ties

Newton bag with
- Foot pedal
- Buddipole quick tune collar
- (2) bags coil clips (for second Buddipole packed separately)
- Painter pole adapter (for second Buddipole packed separately)
- Repeater directory
- PL259 one foot jumper
- (3) 3/8 x 24 couplers (for Buddipole packed separately)
- Miscellaneous RF connector/adapters
- RigTalk USB rig interface with Icom wiring
- (2) 9V batteries (for analyzer--packed separately)
- 12 foot tape measure
- PowerPole distribution block
- (2) quick connect snaps