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Hawaii (OC-019)

Family vacation time can also be radio play time. This was the first attempt to do lightweight DXpeditioning in 2005. I assembled a K2, packed it in a Pelican case, and brought a Buddipole and SuperAntennas MP-1 system for antennas. It was great fun working around the Pacific QRP from the balcony. Just remember: get your signal report before you tell them you're QRP!

Another 100 Pound DXpedition to the islands of Hawaii was undertaken in November of 2008. The trip included a swing through the Southern California, Oahu, and finally Kauai for a week. Here is a link to the equipment planning for the trip: Equipment. [QSL via NE1RD direct, BURO, LoTW, eQSL.]

I had considered participating in the CQ World Wide CW Contest November 29-30, but I was having too much fun in paradise to sit in the operator’s chair for two days! This was always going to be 90-95% vacation and 5-10% operating. It ended up being 99% vacation and 1% radio--and that’s OK! While on the island I looked up Harty Weiss (NH7Y) at the request of Rob Schweitzer (K0CD) to see if there was anything I could do to help him fix up his station while I was on Kauai. He waved off any help and instead the four of us had a very nice conversation. Here is a picture of the four of us.

L-R: Hartwin, NH7Y, me, Hartwin's wife, and Sandy
Sandy and I also met Bob Sackett (K6TWA) and his XYL. They now live on Kauai and happened to walk by our beach house with the Buddipole system in the front yard. Of course they came up to the house to investigate! We got great tips on the island from them and even some fresh fruit off of their trees hand-delivered the next day. Hawaii really is paradise.

Other than checking into the Hawaii Afternoon Net one day and some other poking-around, I did little with the radio. But, fear not, it was still the vacation of a lifetime!