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Don Argo is the owner of Dog Park Software, developerof visually stunning and rock solid Macintosh software for the amateur radio community. MacLoggerDX is a logging and awards tracking program that has been the centerpiece of my shack almost from the beginning. MacDoppler is a satellite tracking program that was featured in the AMSAT booth in Dayton. Don's other offerings are just as spiffy. I admire Don's continued and relentless efforts to bring his users great products and great value.
From Dayton 2006.

I like to travel with my radio equipment, operating portably from parks, hotels, anywhere I can put up an antenna. When I first saw the Buddipole, I thought this would be great for portable operations. That was an understatement! Budd Drummond and his son Chris have created some of the most innovative portable antenna systems on the market today. These units have been snapped up by emergency communications organization because of their versatility and robustness. They are always part of my 100 pound DXpedition kit.
From Boxboro August 2004.

Eric Swartz (WA6HHQ) is cofounder of Elecraft (along with Wayne Burdick-N6KR), makers of the most impressive kits available today. He is an accomplished pilot and a member of the QRP ARCI Hall of Fame.
From Four Days in May (FDIM) 2006.