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Rex Harper (W1REX) is a friend and asset to the QRP community making appearances to conventions and hawking kits like the Tuna Tin 2 which is sold in a can (like tuna). Rex is also the principal organizer of Lobstercon, a "relaxed QRP forum" according to its web site and a great time according to any who have attended. Rex brings a sense of fun wherever he goes, whether it be his latest kit or his "Zomboids" QRP mints (which are, of course, curiously strong).
From Four Days in May (FDIM) 2006.

Tom Korycki (KC8QGJ now SK) and a handful of friends started the 1721 Roundtable group on 40m and then 160m phone. "Chardon Tom" set the tone making sure everyone was welcome and everyone had fun. Tom's fish fry at the KOA campground during Dayton was world famous. He'll be missed.
From Dayton 2006.

Lou Horzepa (WA1LOU), Contributing Editor to the ARRL and author of the Surfin' column on the ARRL web site, dropped by to visit with the Macintosh enthusiasts lounging in the pub at the Hara arena. Lou was kind enough to point people to my blog and home page not long after I got them started.
From Dayton 2007.