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100 Pound DXpedition Resources

This page contains pointers to resources for 100 Pound DXpeditions. Though the idea is simple: pack your radio and accessories and travel someplace fun, there are certainly things one can do to make such a trip more successful. I hope these resources give you ideas to make your trip a boost.


There are unique problems associated with my very lightweight DXpeditions. Selecting a compliment of antennas that will fit within the 100 pound weight budget is challenging, for example, and tradeoffs between performance, size, weight, and other factors must be considered carefully. I have begun collecting some of my notes and thinking on this matter in a series of white papers that explore these tradeoffs. The first volume, Antennas for 100 Pound DXpeditions: Computer-based antenna modeling and direct experience with lightweight portable antenna systems. Volume 1: Selected high band antennas [20-6m] can be obtained from the download page under the file name ant-model-xxx.pdf (the xxx is a version numbers such as 100).
Click on the above image to navigate to the download area. The models are available in a ZIP file, too.

Finally, a book called Buddipole in the Field was written to capture key ideas of using Buddipole antenna systems and components. The book is available as a free download from the Buddipole web site and as a paperback book from the Buddipole store accessory pages. It is published with a Creative Commons license with very generous rights given to readers of the work.